Websites, Interactive CDs, DVDs, and Flash movies are all within our body of work. Some companies can only offer you designs, with no follow-through on the actual building of your digital material.  At Kamdar, not only can we give you an exceptional design, we have the technical knowledge to build the finished product.


In our portfolio, we have shown you a few examples of digital work and websites we have created.  In some cases we have completed the entire site from beginning to end. In other cases, we have simply updated the client’s existing site. Whichever you need, we can accomplish it.


We are ready to listen.


We've learned over the years anyone can do a graphic or take a picture. It takes however a special group of people to know your company, grow with your company and bring to the table real world marketing solutions and ideas. We have found Kamdar time and time again steps up to the plate, and works with us to not just "create" something, but to "create something special".

John Plut
Project Engineering & Marketing Manager
Top Grade Molds Ltd