One of the most important elements of graphic design is listening. We listen - listen to you, the client, and take the time to understand your products, and your needs. At Kamdar, we strive to make sure we are not only listening, but that we hear the message loud and clear. Our designs reflect this.


Kamdar Studios has the technical knowledge to back up the designs – what works and doesn’t work in printing. We offer a complete range of graphic design services: brochures, websites, catalogues, advertisements, banners, trade show booths and more.


We are ready to listen.


We have worked with Ron Katz and his creative team at Kamdar Studios for over 25 years and find their work to be always innovative, fresh, and capturing the true beauty of our jewellery. With their tremendous body of work, Ron and his team continue to set the bar higher for others to follow and continue to be the leaders in the GTA in photography and graphic design. We are proud to have been a partner working with this team and look forward to many more successful campaigns.

Eric Sutkiewicz
European Jewellery Boutique